Three Days in the German Alps

We have been many times to the Austrian Alps, where there is astonishing nature. The lakes, the mountains, they are just incredibly beautiful. When we realized that in Germany (a country which is also neighboring our country) we can find that amazing nature as well, we had to go there. And I am glad we did! The German Alps are awesome..

Place: the German Alps – national park Berchtesgaden (Königssee lake, Hintersee lake, Wimbachklamm waterfalls)
Accommodation: in a tent in Campingplatz Winkl campsite
Length of stay: 3 days
The date we were there: 3. 7. – 5. 7. 2021
Transport: by car from Prague to German village (less than 5 hours on the road)
Tolls: the German highways are for free, we went through Austria and there we had to buy a 10 days tall sticker for 9,5 €
Total price: about 200 € (approx 80 € gas, 9,5 € toll, 65 € camp, 12 € parking and entrance fees, 40 € food) – 2 adults and 1 one-year-old child


Day 1


The first day we went to see Hintersee lake. It was even more beautiful than I had expected. It was like a picture – the crystal clear water, huge mountains in the background, forests surrounding the lake. Sooo nice!

Hintersee lake

Well, we did not go just right to the lake. Before we got there, we had walked through the hills with pastures and we stopped many times to enjoy the breathtaking views.

Berchtesgaden - German Alps

The lake was not good for swimming as the water was really (and I mean REALLY) cold. We don’t need very warm water but that was too cold even for us. I stood there for like 5 minutes and I thought my legs are going to die.

German lake Hintersee

However, in the lake, there were many small islands which were pretty cute. And by the lake, they sold the best ice cream I’ve ever had in my life.

Hintersee - German Alps

Our way back to the car was along the Ramsauer Ache river.

Ramsauer Ache
Our video from the first day ↓

Day 2


The next day we went to the town of Wimbachbrücke. From here, we walked to visit Wimbachklamm. It’s a tourist trail by the river with waterfalls. There were quite a lot of tourists, but we didn’t mind, as we were focusing on the waterfalls and almost didn’t notice the crowds at all.

Wimbachklamm - German Alps

I liked the wooden pathways which were there. It was like this for the whole trail (just a few hundred feet, it wasn’t long). The entrance fee was 2 €.

Tourist trail Wimbachklamm

Then we had a walk in the countryside and admired the German Alps.

Wimbachbrücke - German Alps

At the end, we went along the Ramsauer Ache river again. The colors and cleanliness of the water were perfect, it tempted me to jump into the water a lot. I’ve actually made it but it was cold as hell, I stayed just for a second (literally).

Ramsauer Ache - German Alps
Our video from the second day ↓

Day 3


The last day we wanted to visit Königssee. The lake was also very beautiful. In the future, I would like to walk around the whole lake. It’s not accessible to go to the other side of the lake by car and there are some cool places I’d like to see as well. You can get there by boat but on foot sounds more fun to me. We wouldn’t make it this time cause the trek is for like three days of walking and we had a toddler with us. So, next time..

Königssee lake

Firstly, we went to the waterfall Königsbachfall. I had seen that place in many photos on Instagram, it looked really amazing. There is a natural infinity pool and I wanted to see it for real. However, it was closed and we didn’t get there. The tourists had visited the place so much that the nature here suffered and therefore the access had to be stopped. So don’t go there :). We at least enjoyed the view from a nearby place and went down to the lake.

Königssee lake

In this lake, finally, the temperature of the water was pretty pleasant, so I swam here. I was really happy about that. The water was obviously clean, as in the Hintersee lake, just warmer.

Königssee - German Alps

Then we went back to our car and set off home.

Königssee - German Alps
Our video from the third day ↓


Just few more words about the place we slept in. It was a village or a small town called Winkl, about 15 minutes from all the places we visited. Usually, we don’t sleep in campsites, but this time we did and we were very content here. There was everything we needed – nice toilets, showers with hot water for no extra money, a room for washing the dishes, a little playground for kids, and plenty of space for tents. Next to the camp, there were sheep, I liked that as well. And the view at the mountains – perfect. I can only recommend that place.

Winkl campsite

If you wanted to go there with a small child, as we did, don’t forget the baby must have a personal ID too, when travelling abroad. I wrote about it HERE, just in case.

Ok, that’s all. If you had any questions about our trip to the German Alps or if you wanted to share your own experience, we’ll be happy for your comment :). Have a nice day!


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