A weekend in Poland by the sea

One day, we were planning our weekend and we decided to visit Poland. The main reason was that we wanted to see the sea and this was the shortest way. I did not expect anything special but eventually, I was very surprised. The sea, forests, lakes, sand dunes – all of these are there.

Place: Poland – Miedzyzdroje, Miedzywodzie, Leba
Length of stay: 3 days
The date we were there: 4. 7. – 7. 7. 2019
Transport to the place: by car from Prague to Miedzyzdroje (almost 6 hours driving)
Transport back: by car from Leba to Prague (almost 9 hours driving)
• Driving fees: we paid nothing – we were driving across Germany, but the highways were free in that country and in Poland, we were using only the roads which were for free (in Poland, on some highways there are toll gates, but not on all of them)
Accommodation: in our car in different places
Price: about 130 EUR for gasoline, we did not pay for anything else (no accommodation, no tickets, the food was cheaper than in our country and we brought most of it from home anyway, so I don’t count it)


Day 1

Plan for this day: tourist trail Kawcza Góra → beach in Meidzyzdroje → beach in Midzywodzie → lake Jezero Martwe


We set off from Prague in the evening after the job and we arrived in Poland at night. In the morning we went on a short trek in Miedzyzdroje. There was a tourist trail called “Szlak Przez Kawcza Gore”. It was a nice walk in the forest and these kinds of walks I like a lot. There were many remains from the war and sometimes the atmosphere was pretty scary. On the other hand, there were plenty of places with views on the sea and there the atmosphere was much better.

Kawcza Gora - Poland

This trail is located in the national park “Wolinski Park Narodowy” and the best known and the most interesting place here is, according to me, the view on the sea with stairs leading down to the beach (see the photo below).

Wolinski park narodowy - stairs in Poland

Not very far away from this trail is a bison sanctuary. We didn’t visit this place, but we saw crowds of tourists aiming there. So, just a tip.


We came to the beach from the stairs already mentioned and then we continued along the coast to the centre of Miedzyzdroje. It was more than a mile and for the whole time we were walking there, the beach was almost empty. There is a whole host of such long beaches in Poland (and much longer), they’re perfect for walks.

Miedzyzdroje - beach in Poland

In Miedzyzdroje, they have an incredibly long pier with plenty of kiosks and there is quite strong unpleasant wind.

Miedzyzdroje - pier in Poland

Then we explored the city a little bit more and we moved on.


We arrived in the city of Miedzywodzie, where we walked on a long beach again. This time, we even had a swim. It was cold like a hell, but we made it. Well, I was in the water like.. I don’t know, thirty seconds? I couldn’t stand it any longer. Nevertheless, it was amazing even so.

Miedzywodzie - swimming in Poland


You can walk on the beach and come to a lake that is surrounded by woods. This what I like most in Poland. That you are on the beach, just a few steps away there is a forest and a lake behind the trees. The diversity is incredible.

Jezero Martwe - Poland

In the forests by the lake, there were also some caches (geocaching) and we had to find them, of course.

Cache in the forest - Poland

In the evening we went to the beach again where we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Miedzywodzie - sunset in Poland

Day 2

Plan for this day: way to Leba → relax in Leba


Leba is the town from which we wanted to go to the sand dunes to Slowinski Park Narodowy. It was raining almost for the whole day and it wasn’t exactly the weather we wanted for a trip to dunes. Therefore, we stayed in Leba. In our car, we played a lot of card games and we also went to the town, to explore it a little bit. We had lunch in this restaurant named “Smazalnia Ryb” and the food was tasty, I can recommend it.

Restaurant in Leba - Poland

Talking about food, you have to taste “zapiekanka” in Poland. Definitely, taste that! It’s very good. They have it almost on every corner, it’s probably like their traditional food or something. We loved it and sometimes we even think about going to Poland back again just to buy zapiekanka here 😀

Day 3

Plan for this day: sand dunes in Slowinski Park Narodowy


The next day, the weather was much better and so we decided to go to the dunes. I have to admit that this was incredible! Really, an amazing experience. It wouldn’t come to my mind that I’ll see something like that in Poland. It surely worths the visit.

Sand dunes in Slowinski park narodowy - Poland

From Leba, we walked in that sand dunes as far as possible. When it was not possible any longer, we went back. We didn’t want to go the same way, so we went along the sea. The whole trip was about ten miles long and almost one third was on the beach. The sand was very smooth and pleasant for the feet (like the sand covering all the beaches we’ve visited).

Beach in Slowinski park narodowy - Poland

At the end of our way, there was a kiosk with drinks on the beach, so we were sitting here for a little while. Then we jumped to our car and went home.

Kiosk on the beach in Slowinski park narodowy - Poland

That’s it :). If you have been to Poland as well and you want to share some more places to visit, we’ll be glad if you leave a comment.


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