About us

How and why we started with a blog

We’ve been together for quite a long time and a few years ago, we found out that we both love travelling and spending time in nature together. Firstly, we prefered trips in Czechia (our country). We thought that flying to other countries must cost a fortune and we couldn’t afford it. However, in summer 2017, we decided to go on a two-week journey to Canarias where we figured out that it doesn’t need to be expensive at all. We don’t travel with travel agencies, we look for flight tickets alone, we have always the cheapest accommodation or we sleep in a rented car or outdoors with stars above our heads. And we love these adventures!

To be able to travel like that, we always have to find a whole host of information in advance and sometimes it can be quite hard work to plan everything. We think that reading an article about it (something like we write on this blog) would save us a lot of time. And therefore, we at least try to write it for you. We used to like writing notes from travels, even before we started with a blog. So we realized that there is no reason why we shouldn’t write it a bit more properly and share it with other people. And here it is – our blog 🙂 

As we’ve mentioned already, we are from Czechia, so obviously, we are not native speakers of English. Please, excuse the mistakes our articles may contain.

Who we are

IMG_6357 – kopie (2)

Lucka Břečková (Lux)
creative soul, she usually writes articles for our blog, makes videos

IMG_9633 – kopie

Martin Břečka (Max)
technical type, he usually takes photos for our blog, sets everything

What else we do


We both like taking photos. Mostly during our travels or somewhere in nature. Since we had a huge amount of photos on our computer, we’ve started to sell them on the internet. So as you could look at them or buy some. Recently, it’s usually Martin who takes the photos and Lucka sorts them, edits them and publishes them. If you want to take a look, our gallery is here.


We fell in love with geocaching (if you don’t know what it is – more info). We have our game profile (xLuMaXx – on with a gallery, where we upload the photos from the places near the caches. We take these photos with our hands on the pictures so as it’s undeniable that we were really there – and that’s actually how the name and logo of our blog were created. 

Other activities

When we are not doing anything from these activities, we also like playing board games. Except for that, we are just building a house and we have two little kids, so there is always a lot to do 🙂


In case you want to write us something, click here!

About us

We are Martin Brecka and Lucie Breckova, a young couple from Czechia. Lovers of lowcost travelling and trips to nature.

When we travel, we take a lot of pictures, shoot videos and later at home we write down some of our adventures. We’ve decided to share it with you on this blog.

You can find there tips for trips around Czechia and some other countries we’ve visited, as well as other useful information related to our way of travelling.

More about us and our blog HERE

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