Maj Viewpoint

Maj Viewpoint is a beautiful place in the Central Bohemian Region, about one hour away from Prague by car. We had seen a lot of astonishing photos taken from this viewpoint and therefore we decided to go there to see it as well. We went even a bit further to Bednar viewpoint, which is quite near Maj.

• Type of trip: walking, half a day
Difficulty: very low (almost none, even small children make it)
Transport to the place: by car from Prague to Teletin – approx one hour (or you can go by bus from Prague to Teletin Krnany, but you must change – it takes about 1,5 hour)
The date we were there: 21. 4. 2018

1. possibility – only to Maj Viewpoint and back

Time of walking: approx 45 minutes
Length of the trek: approx 1,2 mi
Elevation: ↑ 345 ft, ↓ 345 ft (almost nothing)

Link to the map

Map to Maj

2. possibility – to Maj Viewpoint, to Bednar Viewpoint and back

Time of walking: approx 1,5 hour
Length of the trek: cca 2,8 mi
Elevation: ↑ 614 ft, ↓ 614 ft (also almost nothing)

Link to the map

Map to Bednar


We went by car to Teletin (there is the closest car park) and we wanted to leave the car there. When we arrived, we saw that there are a lot of cars parked everywhere in Teletin and there is almost no way to park anywhere close to the viewpoint. Eventually, we found a place somewhere at the end of Teletin.

As we walked, we were seeing an incredible amount of people. Really, there was plenty of them. I was a bit surprised, I hadnt expected that. When we reached the viewpoint, there were many people too, obviously. Im sorry I didnt take any pictures of this to show you how overcrowded the place was. However, the view was amazing.

Maj Viewpoint

Because we wanted to go somewhere to nature, where there will not be so many people, we went a bit far away from Maj. We met almost no one and the path was very nice.

near Maj Viewpoint

We came to Bednar Viewpoint, which was almost as beautiful as Maj Viewpoint, but the bonus was that there were no people at all. Well, there came like one couple but thats it. We were sitting here for a while, enjoying the view and having some snack. I liked that much more than Maj, it was such a calm place. I wonder why people dont go there, probably they are too lazy to make the few more steps.

Bednar Viewpoint

When we were driving our way home, we stopped in Pikovice. Its also a nice place by Sazava river (and there is a kiosk with food and drink – close to the train stop). It is about 15 minutes from Teletin in the direction of Prague, so it was basically on our way.


And thats all 🙂 this was a short trip, when you are in Prague or somewhere close and you have a free afternoon, this is an ideal place to visit.


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